Our best news pictures for 2021

It wasn’t just the Covid-19 pandemic that made the news, there were severe floods, politics, gigs, a riot, a double-decker bus and a man who loves baked beans…

A day before Storm Christoph affects parts of the United Kingdom, fire service rescue personnel wade through the a flooded section of Dynevor Road, Skewen, Wales. Thursday 21 January 2021

Two young men run into the sea at the end of an unusually warm day, just before sunset in Swansea, Wales, UK.  Sunday 28 February 2021


A woman has her hair washed at Boosh Hair Salon on the day lockdown measures were eased off with barbers’ and hairdressers’ opening in Swansea, Wales, UK. Monday 15 March 2021


Adam Price, leader of Plaid Cymru during his Senedd (Welsh Parliament) pre-election campaing in Ton Pentre, Wales, UK in Ton Pentre. Tuesday 27 April 2021


Cardiff West independent candidate, Captain Beany speaks to two women outside the Senedd, during his pre-election campaign in Cardiff Bay, Wales, UK. 


Palestinian people and local supporters hold a rally in Swansea, Wales, UK. Sunday 16 May 2021


The immediate aftermath of a riot, two burned-out cars  in the Waun-Wen area of Mayhill in Swansea, Wales, UK. Thursday 20 May 2021


A young couple take a selfie on the beach as the sun rises, marking the beginning of the meteorological summer, Swansea Bay, Wales, UK. Tuesday 01 June 2021


Investigation into the death of five year old Logan Mwangi. A police diver surfaces from the river Ogmore in the Sarn area of Bridgend, Wales, UK. Monday 02 August 2021


Emergency services attend the scene of an accident in which a First Cymru Coaster open top bus lost its roof after crashing onto a tree while travelling on Mumbles Road near Swansea, Wales, UK. 


Nick Cave and Warren Ellis on stage at St David’s Hall in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Sunday 26 September 2021


GB News live broadcast Farage at Large, in which, Nigel Farage spoke with local MP Stephen Kinnock at the Twelve Knights pub in Port Talbot, Wales, UK. Thursday 15 October 2021 


A band of five drummers, part of the Christmas Parade in Swansea, Wales, UK. Sunday 21 November 2021


Vistors of Luminate Live at Margam County Park, Wales, UK. Monday 29 November 2021


Two men fool around during Mad Friday in Wind Street, Swansea, Wales ,UK. Friday 17 December 2021